What is Project Based Work? 

  • Organizations: Artistic Director, Elizabeth Seldin, works with organizations to find and bring to light stories they want to share and explore.  

    • Through the creative process individuals involved gain the following: 

      • Personal Empowerment​
      • Discovery of specific talents and skills

      • Process oriented mindfulness 

      • Creative problem solving skills 

      • Connection, communication and compassionate listening 

      • Clear public speaking

      • Physical theater play

      • Story creation 

      • Producing and Production understanding - Bringing something to life

    • The Process: 

      • Initial Training and Story Exploration

      • Creating the script: Elizabeth works with individuals on story through games and play and thoughtful conversation to create a script that reflects the true story they wish to tell.  She then goes and writes a script that the creative team reviews together and locks. 

      • Putting it on its feet: Elizabeth will direct the play, highlighting and bringing forth each individuals particular special talent or skill (hidden and discovered or already known to them) while working with the organization to market and publicize the show as it comes into production. 

      • Shows are free for the community and are a way for organizations to share the heart of who they are and connect in a true way.  Talkbacks after show optional. 


For more information on Organization Project Based work and how to submit for a residency with Elizabeth please click here: Create-A-Show.

  • Individuals: Empowering artists who are in process with a creative project, Elizabeth comes in as a creative coach and/or director to empower individuals as they bring their work to life.  An expectation that the individual is ready to work and has a clear direction already in place is required when diving into the work.  Elizabeth works with individuals through process based methods while cultivating clear direction and a sense of wonder and play.  As we create the work, the work does indeed create us.  For more information on  Individual Creative Coaching and/or Directing please click here:  Coaching/Directing 

  • Clockmaker Projects: The Clockmakers as a collective produce original work as a creative collective that we share yearly and biyearly with our global and local communities. Check out our upcoming productions here: Clockmaker Shows.