Reviews and Praise for Clockmaker Arts

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“Clockmaker Arts has risen to the challenge again...All of the actors come together in a way that truly leaves you with a feeling of connection. Their commitment to their craft and to the narrative propels the show further regardless of personal feelings about the merit of Zoom theatre.seeing the trials and tribulations of life in quarantine represented through this new form of entertainment is something special and unique and something not to be missed."

Adam Messinger- The Ithaca Times- What If, in A Snowstorm Review

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"Ms. Seldin performed this piece naturally and with a lightness. Her eyes projected raw emotion...Her performance ripped a hole in my chest. It opened my eyes to the importance of knowing oneself, loving oneself, and caring for oneself. Even when that means making difficult choices...Ms. Seldin’s acute observations of the human condition were transformative. She has a gift, not only of magic, but also of words. Her prose, poetry, music and aura were bewitching."
Mehr Gunawardena - All About Solo - Et Le Lion Off-Broadway Debut


"Clockmaker Arts fosters a safe, creative environment that allows me to be my fullest self and create theatre and storytelling with like minded artists. It is a place I feel free to explore what it means to create and how we can do it in an environment that supports both the community and myself as an artist."
Evie Hammer-Lester - Clockmaker Artist