Our Team.

Clockmaker Arts was founded by Elizabeth Seldin way before the first production ever came before a live audience.  But it was not founded alone.  It was created over hot tea in secret chess set shops with Tyler Gardella in the lower west side of Manhattan.  It was devised in secret studio rooms of local theaters while exploring new scripts and music with Evie Hammer-Lester and it was explored even deeper with musings and dreaming by Cayuga Lake at Stewart Park with Carley Robinson.  When we speak about Clockmaker Arts we say it isn't about WHAT we do but HOW we do it and WHO we are.   The core Clockmaker Artists have integrity, courage, a deep sense of curiosity, play, joy and passion and a deep practice of healthy communication, connection and boundaries which they all bring to their practice of being in collaboration with others.  This is what it means to be a Clockmaker Artist and our Core Team can't wait to meet you.  




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