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For Elizabeth Seldin and Clockmaker Arts


Shirley Serotsky

Artistic Director, The Hangar Theatre

"Elizabeth brings a sense of wonder, delight, and compassion to her work as a theatre educator. This energy engages young people in a meaningful way, making them feel included and empowered by the process. Her knowledge and experience with theatre, teaching strategies, and community building make her an asset to any classroom, education program, or artistic process. She is always organized, prepared, and communicative and remains flexible and aware of the wants and needs of her collaborators."

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Carley Robinson

Actor, Director, and Educator

"Elizabeth is one of the BEST artistic collaborators I’ve ever worked with. Her attention and prioritization of health and care feel revolutionary in this industry built on a “show must go on” mentality. My truest artistic self is able to shine through when Elizabeth’s around."

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Film and Theatre Actor, NYC

"Working with Elizabeth has long been a joy and a privilege of mine. She incubates a truly collaborative space and invites a profound & authentic sense of play that not only art spaces, but countless professional environments could benefit from. I always look forward to the next opportunity to work with her."

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Lilac O'Brien

Director of Photography and Filmmaker

"I had done very little acting prior to my sessions with Elizabeth. Elizabeth created a safe and playful environment that allowed me to be vulnerable in my exploration of acting. Her insightful acting exercises paired beautifully with her ability to articulate and demonstrate how something functions in relationship to the scene, character, etc. Elizabeth offers wonderful guidance, celebration, and security in her acting sessions and I highly recommend her sessions to anyone who is working towards a specific performance, looking to expand their existing acting toolbox, or just build confidence! Elizabeth is genuinely invested in and excited by your growth as a performer."

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Carli Mazich-Addice

Opera Singer, Actor and Producer

“Elizabeth effortlessly takes on whatever the moment requires while on set with her. She becomes the heartbeat of the entire set day. She is prepared to adjust to the needs of the performers while also keeping time, pace and attention to detail. She is like a tightrope artist: she balances artistic flow with structure & diligence.” 

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