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Clockmaker Arts works with your organization to create an original theatrical work involving playwriting, dance and movement and music to share with the community. 

Taking you from the development stage through producing and helping to coordinate marketing and execution o the event, Clockmaker Arts is committed to connecting you to the community to support your cause through theater. 


Creating a theatrical experience that expresses the essence of your nonprofit is an incredible way to connect your organization to your local community.  

Theater is a magical bridge made of stories and sensorily stunning creative expression.  

When you connect to the community through live theater you open a doorway to more resources, support and provides a true communication tool to advocate for how you are changing the world in a positive way. 




Bringing together the artistic gifts of your coworkers has the ability to connect and find healthier work ways in which to collaborate.  Communication gets clearer   Trust gets stronger. And a confidence in self as well as others creates an amazing work environment that can last a lifetime. 


You may think you know your organization and what you stand for.  Creativity has the ability to teach us on an even deeper level what we are all about.  It can spark inspiration in a way that can give fresh life to an organizations mission.  And this is all done through setting out to create a piece of theater that highlights your mission.  


Theater accesses the heart and mind of audience members in a way that no other form of expression can.  When you express yourself and your organization through this form you can find unexpected allies and resources in ways that you had not expected.  Let people into your world. Give them the opportunity to give back financially as well as to give their support in any way you may need or desire by creating an event that showcases your work and gives people the opportunity to get involved.  There are more people out there that want to help and don't know how and theater is that magical bridge that provides the means and access to create both a more intimate and expansive community as you continue your incredible work.  

Theater Performance


Clockmaker Arts, as a policy for paying artists a fair wage will have generous contracts for our artists.


There are ways in which you can receive grant funding or partner with sponsors to provide the financial means to work with Clockmaker Arts.  

And here is how! 


There are many grants that provide funding to nonprofits and the arts which can be accessed and applied to throughout the year. 


The support of sponsors who are able to give to nonprofits as a tax deductible donation in support of the project is also available.


You may already have sponsors you love working with or grants you have in mind to apply to.  There is also the options to request Clockmaker Arts to do the above work which will be an added compensation for C.A. within contract or you can choose to do this yourself. 

Reach out to see the different types of packages and tiers of Non-Profit Theater Event Creation as well as different sample letters for Grants and Sponsors. 

We look forward to hearing about your organization and ways in which we can collaborate! 

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