"The Wish Cafe"...Coming Soon

Located in Ithaca, NY, The Wish Cafe cultivates community and healthy safe space through deliciously baked gluten free pastries, Signature teas and coffees (and mocktails for after hours!) as well as shelves lined with books, comfy chairs, lush plants from local growers and board games.  Think kitchen witchery meets a fantastic library in a storybook...but real.  The Wish Cafe is not only home to the local Ithaca community but makes a point to cultivate consent culture and safe space for all.  The cafe is the bottom floor of a joint space shared with Le Theatre (upstairs) and serves as a beautiful meeting ground for after show conversations and connections.  

Coming soon to a location in Ithaca, NY.  Scroll down for more information, updates and to follow our journey as we work towards breaking ground on this magical, healthy, lush, loving and joyful little spot in upstate New York. 

Dry Roses and Diary

Cup o' Magick

Our signature teas and coffees are more than just a cup of something to wake you up, warm you up or treat yourself with.  

To truly sip a cup of tea or coffee is a meditation, it is a way in which to mindfully connect to yourself and others.. it is an act of magic and transformation. 

Each tea, each coffee, each cup offered contains within it a conversation yet to be had, a thought yet to be experienced, and a comfort yet to be shared.  The question is, what will you experience? Perhaps you will share it with us :) 

Signature Gluten Free Pastries

Specializing in Gluten Free pastries we use all local ingredients to serve you a home grown taste in a deeply delicious treat. 

Our Specialty Items

GF Croissants

GF Pain Au Chocolate

GF Cheese Blintzes 

Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Local Growers and Artisans

Our Cafe is not merely a place to sit and do work, converse with friends ore read a book. 

The inside of our cafe is like a magical forest with plants and flowers from local growers.  Not only providing the negative ions that being surrounded by nature and plant life provides but a reminder that our cafe is committed to eco friendly practices and promoting the health of our earth. 

Supporting local growers and Artisans you can also find local art sharing space with the plant life that grows up around our tables and chairs, bookshelves and display cases selling tinctures and oils from local healers and herbal practitioners. 

It's all in the ingredients...

Different spices and herbs have natural magical properties.  Integrating them in your daily routine has the possibility mixed with intention to produce the most magical of results. 

Either that, or it is simply fun to think about! 

Regardless we take a mindful approach to all the ingredients we use: Cinnamon for abundance, Nutmeg for Luck and Vanilla for Love. 

Come check it out and see what you feel called to try.  Have fun with a little Kitchen Witchery and we will be here to share in the exploration with you!

wish cafe ideas.jpg

Books, Conversations and Mocktails...

Our book shelves are filled with books written by local authors and a variety of stories that we think have the capabilities of sharing entrances into other worlds.  Perhaps its the science of sacred geometry you are interested in, or a love story in historical fiction, laws of quantum physics or how to find your way through an entire magical series like The Atlas Six.  Read and purchase books at the cafe. 

"The universe is made of stories, not atoms"- Muriel Rekeyzer

After Hours we serve Mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails) for pre and post show discussions from our theater upstairs! Come hang out with us and explore your favorite Mocktail, all made with local ingredients.

Consent Culture, Healthy Communication and Safe Space- Welcome Home

The community culture of The Wish Cafe is not only about kitchen witchery, delicious gluten free treats, books, tea and board games.  It is about cultivating healthy communication practices while engaging in a safe space. 

There is an active safe space culture for all and especially LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, Female Identifying and Neurodivergent humans.  We request that all communications and interactions between those who work at the cafe as well as those who share space as patrons honor the humanness in each other by practicing kind, transparent, clear and healthy communication.  It is a practice as all things are but we are adamant about making it a pillar of how everyone interacts within the beautiful space that has been created.  

Thank you in advance for continuing to uphold the beauty of the space that is created by engaging in healthy communication practices while at the cafe.  


To Follow Our Journey Click Here

Watch us create recipes, choose the location of the store, pick out all of the ingeredients to creating a consent culture, healthy communication, magical space in Ithaca, NY.  

Creation is magic and we can't wait to share our journey with you! 


Elizabeth Seldin

Head Chef and Baker

Cafe Owner

Theater Artstic Director

Casual Meeting