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In Case You Forgot
A New Musical
Written and Performed by Carley Robinson and Elizabeth Seldin
Directed by Gabriella da Silva Carr

"Two restoration architects explore the bones of an abandoned hotel in upstate New York and face their ghosts as the halls whisper secrets of the past. Witty, thought provoking and transformative this show was performed to a live and visual audience in October 0f 2021 at The State Theater of Ithaca.  Creative Arts Recovery Grant Recipient."

In Case You Forgot Publicity Photo 1.jpg

Side Saddle
Music Video

Starring: Hollings

Directed by Elizabeth Seldin

Director of Photography: Lilac Milk

"A woman takes back her power through encountering demons from her past ."

Screen Shot 2021-10-01 at 4.58.04 PM.png

The Hope Project

GIAC Scholars (K-5) Wrote an original play in response to Black Lives Matter at the height of the pandemic that focussed on hope and bringing light, courage and joy into the world. Directed and guided by Elizabeth Seldin.

The Hope Project.jpeg

Et Le Lion

Solo Show New Musical written and performed by Elizabeth Seldin

Directed by Evie Hammer-Lester

Performed Off-Broadway at Theatre Row in NYC.

Et Le Lion.jpg

New York In The Fall

Workshopped at The Eugene O'Neil Theatre Center in Waterford, CT the show explores the dynamics of six New Yorkers locked down int eerie apartment during a hurricane.  Written by Elizabeth Seldin and directed by Ilana Becker.  

Brian and Nate rehearsal .jpg

Iconic Legacies
Opera Music Video
Starring Carli Mazich-Addice
Directed by Elizabeth Seldin
Director of Photography: Lilac Milk

"Carli Mazich-Addice takes on the journey of inhabiting former first ladies in an opera about the women behind the men that have run the United States of America only to find herself alone at a bar watching as Kamala Harris becomes the first ever woman Vice President of The United States of America. And  just like that.  A smile spreads across her face."


What If, In A Snowstorm...

Written by Elizabeth Seldin

Directed by Evie Hammer-Lester 

Starring: Carley Robinson, Tyler Gardella, Victory Chappotin and Elizabeth Seldin


"Four roommates bond together during a snowstorm at the height of the pandemic shut down."

What If Poster_edited.jpg

What Haunts You

Written by Elizabeth Seldin

Directed by Evie Hammer-Lester

Starring: Tyler Gardella and Elizabeth Seldin

A Haunted Love Story...performed live at The Kitchen Theater as part of the Kitchen Sink Series. 

staircase what haunts_edited.jpg

The Light Experiment

Six artists spent a total of 48 hours devising a show around the concept of light and performed it to audiences at the end of the creation weekend.  Utilizing "exquisite time" artists allowed raw creative ideas to come together for a unique one time only performance.  

light 3.jpeg

International Virtual Performance of What Haunts You

Artists from Sweden, Northern Ireland, NYC, Virginia, Boston and Ithaca collaborated through different time zones to revision the script of two ghosts trapped in a theater in an epically beautiful, funny and touching haunted love story.  

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