Project Based Residencies

Create-A-Show Residency

For Organizations

At the heart of every organization there is a story. A  mission.  Perhaps its a shared experience of the people that work there, perhaps it is the purpose of the company to bring something meaningful into this world.  Regardless of what it is Elizabeth Seldin, Artist Director, comes in and not only helps you find the story but helps you bring it to life.  Through this process (see more info below) Elizabeth helps to cultivate a deep sense of connection and team work, highlighting healthy, supportive communication skills while fostering creativity through a project born out of theater exercises and brought to full production and performance free for the community.  This not only allows the organization to connect in a very special, heart-centered, and authentic way with their community but it also allows them to discover talents and gifts within themselves and their organization they never knew existed.  

The Process

Story Cultivation

Through writing exercises, theater games and physical play the group is guided to find the central theme, question or thought that they want to build their story around. 

Script Writing and Approval 

This will be a combination of physical creative play exploration and writing exercises that will lead to an outline and writing excerpts Elizabeth will take and put into a script. Th e group will then go through the script together editing and revising until it is "locked" and approved.



From here Elizabeth will direct the group, sharing with them music and dance as well as devised physical theater practices to create something wholly unique to them.  


Elizabeth will be in charge of working with the staff on budget for props, costumes (of which all can be found items and not a monetary expense) as well as marketing materials that she will put together and have approved by the staff and organization team artists involved.  She will work with the staff to also secure a performance location, perhaps on site, or off, and help guide them through all of the elements of pre-production for the show. 

Production and Performance 

Elizabeth will be right there to provide any support to the organization for performance and production.  

What Happens Next? 

That is up to you! You now have a show.  You have more tools and an expanded sense of what is possible.  How will you continue the exciting and beautiful work that you found after transforming through a creative experience? You are at this point now in the Clockmaker community and we can't wait to support you and work with you again! 


How To Submit

Please fill out the bottom form to submit for a residency with Clockmaker Arts.  Orgnazations from anywhere are allowed to submit but please note that anything wherein a clockmaker Artist would have to travel would require accomodations and travel expenses to be covered.  Virtual can be discussed. 














  • Anyone can submit for a residency​.

  • Clockmaker Arts favors residencies that seek to do good in this world for the community at large.  Please read Clockmaker Arts Mission and Values to see if they are in line with your organization. 

  • For the Clockmakers to guide you through the full process a minimum of 15 hours is required but there is no maximum and hours will be negotiated with the organization upon acceptance.  

  • Pricing/Payment: Discussed at the time of the submission. 

  • Any residencies that involve travel: Organizations would be financially responsible for both travel and accommodation expenses for the individual clockmaker artist. 

  • Ways in which performance can be shared with the community: Film, Live Performance (CDC guidelines honored), and virtual performance.  

Novel Project Residency


Either in classroom or as part of a summer program, Clockmaker Artists take original clockmaker short stories and guide children into writing their own scripts and directing and performing their own shows off of these tiny novel like stories. 

Children learn teamwork, creative problem solving skills, critical thinking, confidence, healthy communication as well as writing, directing, acting, dance, music composition, singing, choreography and producing.  

There is a final performance for families and community members

The Process

10 or more in person sessions are comprised of reading the story, cultivating acting and physical play skills so that the children have a theatrical language in which to tell the story and then writing sessions where they create the script.  From there, Clockmaker Artists guide the children through the rehearsal and production process assigning roles both on and offstage and help the children see their interpretation of the story come to life.  

How To Submit

Please fill out the following form and a Clockmaker Artist will be in touch as soon as possible. 















Guidelines and Pricing

  • Please note that as Clockmaker Arts is not a nonprofit we can not submit for grants for the organization.  Funding for the residency can come through a grant for the group hosting our artists or directly from the submitting organizations budget. Pricing discussed at the time of submission.

  • Residencies will require a minimum of 10 visits.

  • Residencies can be for youth anywhere between 1st through 12th grade.  Story maturity level of topic picked based on age range Clockmaker Artists are working on and will be agreed upon with staff prior to the beginning of the residency.  

Submit For

Creat-A-Show Residency

To Submit please fill out submission form and you will hear from Clockmaker Arts within two weeks of submitting. 

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