The Hope Project


June 11th @6:30pm

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The Greater Ithaca Activities Center teams up with Clockmaker Arts Artistic Director Elizabeth Seldin for a one of a kind virtual performance by the GIAC Scholars: Aaliyah Jackson, Asa Awa, Jayden Ferron, Elijah Jackson, Zayana Allen-Colvin, Zayden Allen- Colvin, LaRay Bratton, Jamairiea “Teefa” Abdur, and Jahiem A-Razzaaq. 


The Hope Project, a social justice theatrical piece, was created over the past year by 9 elementary school children (grades k-5) during the pandemic, presidential election,  and Black Lives Matter movement. 


Throughout it all they created stories about superheroes, fighting for justice with magic and love and most of all…Hope.  Elizabeth Seldin helped to support the work of the GIAC scholars in conjunction with classroom teachers Jacqueline Greene and Candice Wade to help the children bring their own production to life.  


This production is extremely unique because not only did they create the entire show, they went over the script and edited it and then partook in helping to stage it themselves and have gone even so far as to hold the camera and film, guiding each other and working as a team to make this production completely their own.  GIAC is an incredible community and the entire staff and faculty have helped support these young artists.  


This production is made possible in part by the funding from the Community Arts Partnership of Tompkins County and by GIAC’s sponsor United Way as well as Clockmaker Arts media sponsor the Ithaca Voice.











A new take on opera for a post pandemic world...

Carli Mazich-Addice teams up with Clockmaker Arts and Lilac Milk Productions to produce a new spin on contemporary Opera.  Iconic Legacies, an opera with music by Jake Heggie and text by Gene Scheer, will be produced as a music video with a modern twist.  Opera Singer, Carli Mazich-Addice, chameleons herself as she portrays First Ladies: Eleanor Roosevelt, Mary Todd Lincoln, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, and Barbara Bush.  With brilliant skill from Director of Photography Lilac Milk and story concept by director and producer Elizabeth Seldin this short film will premier the summer of 2021 as part of a free streaming event.  More Soon... 




Developed by Carley Robinson and Elizabeth Seldin, this new musical asks the question "How do we navigate change?" by following the story of two historical renovation architects with a penitent for the spiritual and all things haunted.  Directed by Gabriella da Silva Carr with script and original music by Elizabeth Seldin this production will follow all CDC guidelines an be premiering late summer/early fall 2021