Clockmaker Arts produces original creative content in a process oriented approach to dive into the magic of theater across all mediums while exploring the threads of the human experience in an effort to promote healing, trauma awareness, personal empowerment, community connection, imagination and play. 


We work as a creative collective as well as with both organizations and individuals on process-oriented project based creative work that seeks to empower and promote healthy connection through the act of creative play, expression and performance.   

Original Productions, Artistic Training Studio and Classes and Private Creative Consultation and Coaching. 





Human First

 As a process oriented theater company, allowing all artists and creative collaborators to be humans first and creators second is a central value of Clockmaker Arts.  We value everyone as human and adjust our process as we go based on the needs of who we are working with.  In a broader scope this means, too, that we seek to have a wide representation BIPOC/ALANA and LGBTQIA artists in collaboration with Clockmaker Arts.   On a final note, as a for profit company we are in the unique position to be able to give back. We intend to give a portion of our proceeds to other nonprofit companies that seek to make the world a better place..  


Transparent Communication

We believe in being upfront and clearly communicative with all of our artists and collaborators as well as our community.  Clear Communication is a pillar of our work.  


Professional Practices

Working with artists and collaborators who are skilled at their work so that we can function efficiently and with the utmost quality is a cornerstone of what makes the work we do have the impact it needs to have.  

Process Oriented

We are a process oriented theater company and as such we value the creative process in all that we do. 

Creative Play

The nature of divine play is central to our work.  It adds a lightness, curiosity, and joy as we journey through thoughtful and heart-centered stories and artistic theatrical pieces.