Theatrical and Artistic Project Performance and Training Company


Traditional clockmakers take the intangible, time, and make it tangible, producing the most beautiful ornate clocks. 

Clockmaker Artists take the intangible nature of the human experience and create stories, theatrical performances, film, music, dance and other artistic works to empower themselves and audience members through a process oriented approach.  

Empowering individuals through creative expression is what we do. 

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In Case You Forgot Publicity Photo 1.jpg


"Healthy Artists Make Great Art."

-Elizabeth Seldin

Artistic Director

Creativity is a practice and coming to it in a clear and healthy way is what Clockmaker Arts seeks to help individuals do. 

Our Ethos: 

Play. Create. Cultivate.


Artistic endeavors are work but it is work that is fun.  In yoga there is a concept of divine play.  We seek to tap into this and hold space so that artists, students and audience can experience and explore this in safe and healthy ways. 


Whether in class or in a project based exploration with Clockmaker Arts we seek to tap into the creative energy that blossoms out of divine collaboration and clear intention.  Creativity is an energy and it flows through all things.  We eembrance this notion and this passion with kindness and joy.



Art and Creativity is a practice. Not unlike training in Martial Arts or coming to your yoga mat. This concept has been lost as has the importance of structure and stability giving way to inspired action.   We believe strongly that it is not about what you create but how you come to your creative practice.  Please read below about our expectations of artists, collaborators and audience members.  


We expect and request all artists, collaborators and audience members to conduct themselves in a respectful, compassionate and self-aware manner when in space with Clockmaker Arts. 


This will mean something different for everyone!  We honor individual expression as we seek to make this world a better place through professional and artistic practices.   We encourage the following as it is a set expectation with all artists we work with and all students that come to class. 


Please try to cultivate: 

Clear, Respectful, and Transparent Communication

Personal Responsibility and Ownership of Action


Healthy Boundaries and Connection

Your Own Practice To the Arts and Collaboration

WE SUPPORT YOU IN YOUR ENDEAVOR! And honor all experiences as you engage with the above as well as Clockmaker Arts as a whole.  

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