Clockmaker Arts works in many different artistic mediums.  As such we are ALWAYS interested in expanding who we collaborate with.  We highly encourage BIPOC artists as well as LGBTQIA artists to submit. More information below: 

How To Submit: 

Please email with the following: 1. What you are submitting for (actor, writer, designer, director of photography etc...), 2. Why you are interested in working with Clockmaker Arts, 3. If you have a particular project in mind or if you simply wish to start a collaboration conversation and 4. Your location and union status. 

When Are You Taking Submissions: 

All year long. 

What Happens After I Submit: 

Someone from Clockmaker Arts will email you back to further discuss potential involvement. 

Who Can Submit: 

Anyone! Anywhere! Any age! Please read our mission and values to make sure it is a good fit both artistically and professionally. 

Wait! I have more questions! 

Great! We are happy to answer anything.  Please email and we will be in touch with you as soon as we are able.