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Orange Blossom

Elizabeth Seldin

Artistic Director



Ithaca, NY

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A Bit About Me

Born and Raised in Ithaca, NY, Elizabeth has worked professionally in London, NYC as well as C.T. and Russia.  Her passion for healthy personal and professional practices combined with safe spaces to play, explore and connect helped launch the inspiration for Clockmaker Arts.  She is a trained Martial Artist, Professional Dancer and Choreographer, Produced Playwright and working professional actor.  Her passion for sharing knowledge in empowering ways has brought her to teaching all over Ithaca from elementary schools through colleges and into professional circles to share her techniques on physical movement, energy, and the neurological benefits of iterative play.  

Safe Spaces and Healthy Personal and Professional Practices create a clear and important container so that true creative exploration and joyful play can occur.  It is her mission to light up the world with new ways of doing things based in a creative approach to cultivated techniques. 

Work Experience

Physical and Mindfulness Training

  • Certified Yoga Teacher 5 years 

  • Qigong Practitioner 3 years

  • Trained in Non Violent Communication 4 years 

  • Trained Fight Choreographer 15 years

  • Trained Dance Choreographer 20 years 

  • Alexander Technique

  • Grotowski method 

  • Circle In The Square Musical Theater Program

  • Ithaca College Drama BA

  • Eugene O'Neil National Theatre Center Program

  • St. Petersburg Theater Academy in Russia with an emphasis on physical movement 

  • Aerial training at Circus Culture in Ithaca

  • Bagua Trained (Internal Martial Arts 3.5 Years) 

  • Brazilian Jui Jitsu (1 year) 

  • Jeet Kun Do ( 1 year) 

  • Rhythm Tap Dance 20 years 

Teaching Credentials, Awards and Grants Received

  • Theater Education for Children: 20 years (Hangar Theatre, Ithaca Youth Bureau, ICSD) 

  • CAP Grant for The Hope Project:  Original Script created and performed by the GIAC scholars (k-5) October 2020-June 2021 in response to BLM and the Pandemic. 

  • CAP Grant Received for "In Case You Forgot" an original musical written and performed by Carley Robinson and Elizabeth Seldin at The State Theatre, Ithaca, NY tackling themes of social justice, addiction and mental health. 

  • ICSD Commendation award for Fight Choreography in "She Kills Monsters" at Ithaca High School 2021

  • Camilla Schade Teaching Award for theater education excellence from The Hangar Theatre. 

Professional Performance and Creative Credits

Dance Choreography: 

  • Onward and Upward - Walking on Water Productions

  • Little Shop Of Horrors - LACS  2022

  • Et Le Lion - Performed at Theater Row, Off-Broadway NYC

Fight Choreography: 

  • She Kills Monsters - IHS 2021

Acting Performance: 

  • Onward and Upward ( Aunt Chris) Walking On Water

  • Now. Here. This. ( Person Two) Walking On Water

  • In Case You Forgot (Quinn) Clockmaker Arts

  • What If, In A Snowstorm (Isabella) Clockmaker Arts

  • What Haunts You (Mary) Clockmaker Arts

  • Et Le Lion (Maeve) Clockmaker Arts

  • Beth and Charly ( Beth) Webseries QuicKarma Productions

Film Direction: 

  • Side Saddle (Hollings) Music Video 

  • Iconic Legacies Opera Music Video 

Produced Plays: 

  • In Case You Forgot

  • What If, In A Snowstorm

  • What Haunts You 

  • Et Le Lion

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