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Based in Ithaca, NY Clockmaker Arts was created by Elizabeth Seldin in an attempt to promote healthy practices while creating new and innovative theater.  Operating under the notion of "Human First" and "Healthy Artists Make Great Art" Elizabeth seeks to offer workshops, seminars, private coaching and classes for all levels to her local community.  Once a year an original clockmaker arts show is offered to the community.  To find out more about Elizabeth please click here.  To learn more about what is being offered at present please click here. 


This company seeks to lift up BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, Female Identifying, and Neurodivergent Artists.  This company promotes Social Justice, Human Rights, Environmental Activism and Consent Culture.  Please note that the above is non-negotiable when interacting with our company.  Companies that choose to work with us will be be made aware of how we choose to work and requested to do the same when interacting with our company in which the same standards of healthy communication, personal accountability, work practices and pay that keep our artists safe will be required upon collaboration engagment. Thank you in advance for your understanding and acknowledgement of the above.  

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