Want to find out how to work with Clockmaker Arts? 


There are many ways to get involved with Clockmaker Arts.

1. Clockmaker Academy: Take Classes, Workshops or set up a private coaching.  Classes are on a sliding scale and there are always scholarships available for anyone who needs one.  This is the best way to get involved if you have interest in creating with us on our yearly annual productions.

2. Become A Sponsor.

3. Come to an original Clockmaker Show.

4. Book one of our teaching artists: to teach a workshop on healthy, human first practices with a focus on creative collaboration within your workplace or company. 


5.Invite us to see your work! We love to connect with other artists!



We are all about connecting and creating opportunities for people to get involved so please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions! 

Email Elizabeth at Elizabeth@Clockmakerarts.com

Not Sure Where To Start?

Here is a nice little guide in case you are having trouble figuring out how you want to get involved:



Please think about partnering with us on shows or learning how to become a financial sponsor. We also teach workshops within organizations on how to cultivate healthy communication and creative collaboration practices within your work environment. 



Classes are for ALL LEVELS. Check out our Clockmaker Academy page for more information. 

I just really like theater!

Great! Please make sure to come to one of our yearly original shows.  They tend to be very short runs so check it out because you won't want to miss it! 

I am looking for community:

Wonderful! We suggest coming to our shows and/or coming to a class. 

I am a college student and need extra support with music/film/theater or writing:

Great! Check out our private sessions at Clockmaker Academy! 

Do you accept internships?

We do! Contact Elizabeth at Elizabeth@Clockmakerarts.com to explore further.


Do you do Teaching Artist Teacher Training?

We do! Please contact Elizabeth at Elizabeth@Clockmakerarts.com for more information. 

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